Event Details

Date: To be confirmed
Time: 7.30am onwards
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir (View Map)
  • Upsized Nasi Lemak - 8km (2 laps of 4km)
  • Normal Nasi Lemak - 4km
  • Mini Nasi Lemak - 700 metres (below 12 years old)
Race Entitlements
  • A Nasi Lemak-themed short sleeved race tee
  • A Nasi Lemak-themed Finisher medal (The 2020 medals will be distributed on another day due to the Wuhan coronavirus resulting in a delay in production/shipment)
  • A Nasi-Lemak-themed canvas drawstring bag (at the finish)
  • A race bib
  • A pack of Nasi Lemak (Halal-certified)
  • Water/Sport Drink (at mid-point & finish)
  • Tea/Coffee/Milo (at the finish)
  • Fruits (Banana, Watermelon, Longan)
  • Bag Deposit
  • Medic with Ambulance
NOTE: Food & drinks will Halal-certified.
Sunday (Race Day)
  • 6am onwards - Race day collection of race number tag & event tee.  Bag Deposit opens
  • 7.30am - Start of 8km
  • 7.40am - Start of 4km
  • 8-8.30am - Arrival of Nasi Lemak(show race bib to collect)
  • 9.30am - Start of Mini Nasi Lemak 700 metres
  • 10am - Cutoff time for all categories
  • 11am - Bag Deposit closes
- Please collect your race number tag at least 15 minutes before the start of your race.  Collect early to avoid any delay.
- The actual timings may be modified in advance or on race day.

Bag Deposit
  • Complimentary for all participants
  • Please provide your own bag.
  • Open from 6am on race day.
  • Please refrain from placing valuables inside your bag as we'll not be held responsible for any damage/loss of your item(s).
  • All belongings are to be collected by 11am on race day or it'll be disposed or donated.
Waste/Rubbish management
  • All waste are to be disposed into the garbage bags at the event site.
  • Do not litter.  
  • If you are caught littering, you may be fined by the officer in charge.
  • There are no bins in the trail, so please do not litter in the trail.  Please bring your litter with you until you can dispose it into a trash bin/garbage bag.

  • Please ensure you are in good health before taking part.  Do ensure you have sufficient sleep the night before the race.
  • Do not take part if you're unwell.  There will be other races you can take part in.
  • Medics & an ambulance will be on standby at the event to provide medical assistance.
  • If necessary, the medical team will convey any casualty to the nearest/most suitable hospital and any applicable charges are to be borne by the casualty.
  • In the event of bad/adverse weather condition such as lightning, the organiser will either delay the start or cancel the event without refund.  Your safety is of utmost importance.
  • Water stations will provide water & sports drink to reduce risk of dehydration.  Please ensure you are well-hydrated before, during and after the race.
  • If you see anyone who is in need of medical attention, please inform someone such as a Volunteer/Passer-by/fellow participant to call the Race Director for medical assistance who will send the medical team to the location as soon as possible.  Please stay with the casualty until the medical team arrives.  If  the casualty is in the trail, it will take some time for the medical team to arrive.  If possible, assist to bring the casualty out to Lornie Road as it'll be easier & faster for the medical team to respond.